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  1. It's My World

From the recording My Own Little World


It’s My World

Verse 1
I don’t care what you say
I’ve got a feeling it’s my day, it’s my day
And I don’t need your okay
I’m still doing things my way, yes my way
I might never belong
I’m just trying to hold on, to be strong
You might think that it’s wrong
I’m still singing out my song, here’s my song

It’s my world
I don’t care what you do
I won’t ever be you
You know it’s true
It’s my world
Can’t be who I’m not
Can’t lose what I’ve got
It’s not a lot but
It’s my world
Not yours, not yours
It’s my world
It’s my own little world, I’m in my own little world

Verse 2
You can think what you like
I got a feeling it’s my night, it’s my night
And you can try all you might
I’m still living out my life, it’s my life
So don’t tell me to move
I’m just dancing to my groove, to my groove
You don’t need to approve
I’m just searching for my truth, where’s my truth?

Repeat Chorus

It’s mine, all mine x 4

Verse 3
I might be out of mind
I got a feeling it’s my time, it’s my time
And I can only be me
so I might as well be free, just be free

Repeat Chorus & Bridge

c. 2009 Rick McAlister
The Monkey Mind Publishing