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  1. The One and Only

From the recording My Own Little World


The One & Only

Verse 1
In 1 9 7 6
Came on the scene -- hey father and hey mother
I was the first and last
They tried before, and lost the only other
And life was mighty fine
At Christmas time, with all the gifts from Santa
Cuz they were all for me,
It might have seemed, I took it all for granted

I was the one and only
I was the one and only
I was the only one
The pride and joy
And still your little boy

Verse 2
The center of the world
From where I stood, that was a lot of pressure
The apple of an eye
The standard’s high, and I could never measure

Repeat Bridge

You ask why I do the things I do
I’m telling you (x2)

Verse 3
In 1 9 7 6
Came on the scene, no sister and no brother
One was enough I guess
One look at me -- should never be another!

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus (x4)

c. 2009 Rick McAlister
The Monkey Mind Publishing (ASCAP)