From the recording My Own Little World


It’s Christmas Time

It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time again

Verse 1
We wonder what Santa brings
While carols the Muppets sing
With lights all around the tree
One time of year that we’re family

I hang out with all my folks
And laugh at their silly jokes
And we can all feel the love
While we get fat on my Mama’s fudge

And there’s no place like home
Don’t care how far I roam

It’s Christmas time
It’s Christmas time again
And I know what, yes I know what
I want
This year, this year

Verse 2
Although we don’t share a faith
It’s still ours to celebrate
My favorite day each year
Though each time fewer of us are here

Bridge 2
There’s still no place like home
Though now Dad’s all alone

Chorus x2

c. 2009 Rick McAlister
The Monkey Mind Publishing (ASCAP)