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  1. The Weekend

From the recording Troubleshoot The Moon


The Weekend

Verse 1
Friday night the joint is jumping
Beats are pounding bass is thumping
Bodies bouncing hearts are pumping
This could be the start of something
Right Now

Young in love or broken-hearted
Hit the floor once you get carded
Feel the funk like someone farted
We gon’ get this party started
Right Now. Right Now.

Greet the weekend like an old friend

Verse 2
Friday night bright lights big city
All dressed up and feeling pretty
If you’re sitting it’s a pity
Work that butt and shake those titties
Right now.

Leave the drama we don’t need it
Speakers leave your eardrums bleedin’
Black or White or Puerto Rican
Raise your hands and greet the weekend
Right Now. Right Now.

Full Chorus
Greet the weekend like an old friend
Been a long time, good to see you again.

Verse 3
Friday night the spot is hoppin’
Beats are tight and bass is poppin’
We dig what the DJ’s droppin’
Now it’s on there ain’t no stoppin’
Right now. Right now.

Repeat Full Chorus

c. 2013 Rick McAlister
The Monkey Mind Publishing (ASCAP)