From the recording Troubleshoot The Moon


Distraction Factory

Look over here, look over there
Maybe it’s best I remain unaware
Forget my cares ‘til life seems fair
This giant TV is driving me to
Distraction; It’s driving me to distraction

Verse 1
I missed what the Prez had to say
I was busy watching porn all day
I forgot we’re still at war
(I was) Watching season 4 of Jersey Shore (I was busy watching)
& making fun of people who horde
While buying things on credit that I can’t afford
Why would I reach out and connect
(When) there’s cats with cheeseburgers on the internet?!
In the meantime, my job was shipped overseas
In the meantime, I can’t afford a disease
In the meantime, kids have nowhere to go
Oh my god, did you see that throw by Tebow?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
What is that Lady Gaga’s wearing?
You couldn’t pay me enough to start caring
My whole life real wages stayed fixed
Matter of fact the whole game became fixed
99 Percent in the proletariat
You’d think you’d become socialists real quick
The powers that be always flip that script
Turn us on each other with some media myths
In the meantime, your son was shipped overseas
In the meantime, your forest has no trees
In the meantime, we’re on a sinking ship
Oh my god, have you seen that YouTube clip?

Repeat Chorus
It’s driving me, driving me to distraction

Verse 3
In the meantime, our election was sold
In the meantime, infrastructure got old
In the meantime, incarcerations explode
Oh my god, did you see last night’s episode?

c. 2013 Rick McAlister
The Monkey Mind Publishing (ASCAP)