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  1. Scruff Love

From the recording The Lavender Album


Scruff Love

You’re always manscaping
You just waxed your chest
But now you look generic
And I am not impressed

Don’t want a Ken doll
Don’t want a G.I. Joe
Plastic is for little boys
So please just let it grow

I like a little fur
I love a little stubble
It takes a little fuzz
To make me wanna snuggle

I want you natural
Not covered in tattoos
Now put away those tweezers
‘Cuz baby here’s the news

Everybody wants a little scruff love, scruff love
Everybody needs a little scruff love, scruff love
Everybody’s gotta have it – scruff love, scruff love
Everybody wants a little scruff love, scruff love

Please don’t shave it off x3
No, no; No, no

Go work out and lift weights
But please don’t kill yourself
Steroid freaks and gym bunnies
Aren’t my idea of health

And don’t be manorexic
Don’t need to be so thin
For me the biggest turn on
Is comfort in your skin

Don’t be a slave to fashion
‘Cuz clothes don’t make the man
And neither does your money
And neither does spray tan

You keep chasing perfection
You got a nip and tuck
But plastic’s still for little boys
It don’t make me wanna _____

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge x 2

Repeat Chorus

c. 2016 Rick McAlister